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Download any of the these product, safety data sheets or fire test documents providing key information about our products. It includes the product's name, specifications, performance data, safety features, contact information and more. It can also serves as a quick reference or for any offline work required. Just click the black buttons below to see a list of document files which will open up in Adobe Acrobat, you can download the Adobe Acrobat reader by clicking here.


CE and UKCA Marked - Astro PFP Intumescent Pipe Closer are designed to maintain the fire resistance of fire rated walls and floors where these are breached by continuous plastic pipes. Size range 32mm to 315mm.

Fire protection for plastic pipework. New Design with reduced height for tight installations. CE Marked and UL-EU Accreditation. Various sizes available.

The PFP FR Pipe Wrap is designed to maintain the fire resistance of fire separating walls and floors when these are breached by plastic pipes, conduits or metal pipes. up to 240 minutes for both integrity and insulation.

Intumescent pipe wraps for most types of plastic pipes. Sizes 32mm to 200mm diameter. CE Marked and UL-EU Accreditation. Testing through flexible wall and rigid floors and walls.

Pipe wrap in 25m rolls for cutting to size on site | CE Marked | Tested on a wide range of plastic pipes: PVC, PP, HDPE & PE Pipes.

Pipe Fire Sleeves for Plastic and Metal Pipes. Simple and quick to install, no fixings or sleeving required. CE Marked. 4-in-1 Solution Fire, Acoustic, Thermal and Vapour Seal.

Fire resistant duct sleeve. Fire protection for plastic ventilation ducts. Up to 120 minutes fire rated. Sleeve can be easily fitted only requiring access from one side. CE.

Low profile intumescent duct sleeve for plastic ventilation ducts. Suits wide range of fire partition walls. Easy installation / retrofitting. CE Marked.


Intumescent fire pillows. For temporary (re-useable) or permanent fire protection. Designed to provide an effective fire barrier. CE Marked. UL-EU Accreditation.

Classified for all types of constructions with or without building service penetrations. Simple and very quick to install. Easy to retrofit additional building services after installation. Once fully cured, the board resists UV, humidity and frost.

CE Marked PFP FR Coatings. An ablative sealant coating designed to enhance, seal and fire protect stonewool fibres in PFP FR Boards. Spray directly onto mineral fibres | Non Toxic and Emission Free not harmful to you.

A High strength fire resistant mortar. For use on rigid floors or walls. High strength and load bearing properties. Easy to mix and for internal use. Buy online.

Fire resistant board for sealing service penetrations in walls or floors. Suitable for indoor use without additional environmental protection. CE marked.


A high specification formulation designed to prevent the spread of fire | Easy to apply | High sound insulation | Hardens quickly, tack free after 1 hour | 12 months storage time.